Centre Levallois : Epilation

Bleaching: bleaching & depilation of down

Some parts of the body are covered with a sometimes uncomfortable and unsightly down. Thanks to a revolutionary laser, the QSWITCH REVLITE, the discoloration or bleaching allows the down to become imperceptible and to be eliminated.


Created by Fotona, one of the most experienced developers of high-tech laser systems, the SP Dynamis Pro laser is a latest generation, innovative and highly capable laser. It uses 2 complementary wavelengths and thus proves its versatility which applies to a wide range of aesthetic applications.

Laser hair removal

Laser Hair removal effectively treats visible unsightly hairs, stains and vessels, without risk of recovery and in a long-lasting way.

Electrolysis hair removal

Apilus xCell Pro electrolysis electric hair removal is a high-frequency, hair-by-hair hair removal technique, at the cutting edge of innovation.

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